Magnesian - Space Combat Game

Download Free Magnesian. Magnesian is an action game that will bring us to play in the free space. This game was developed for the game lovers like Star Wars, why do I say so? Because you will see a lot of light or lighting effects in the game magnesian this interesting. No need to ask again, magnesian game is equipped with great graphics, plus the beautiful lighting effects.

As a game, obviously you have to fight, over the course of the game, level-by-level finish and you have to go through and resolve some problems, for example, there are no enemies or objects in outer space there. Since this is a pretty cool game, especially in graphics, then he needs a PC specifications or requirements, consider the following requirements:

     Windows 98/2000 / XP / Vista / 7, Windows 8 for a while untried
     Processor 2 GHz
     2 Gb of RAM
     3D Graphics Card 512 MB RAM with

How, if spec computer or laptop you can play this game? If so, download and play game immediately magnesian this super fun.

In the play, you will often jump up and down to move from one place to another. But not always jump, you also have to run. If the issue of enemies, I will not talk to you, why because so many and varied. Friend, we will adventure in outer space, what kind of creatures we will encounter, we both know well yet, so not a problem, any enemy, we beat them. Agree?

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Adventure of Light & Shadow

Download Free Light & Shadow. Light & Shadow is an adventure game set in and originating from Austria. In this adventure game we can play 2 characters, so choose one. I mean the character Mr. Light or Mr. Shadow. The name is pretty cute, pack light or shadow pack. Whatever selects which one, which obviously both can become a master of game Of Light & Shadow. May be different, their names will bring to the foreground adventures.

Physically and display, Of Light and Shadow game has graphics and game play are definitely very nice and quite mellow. Computer spec also does not need nice things. This game can run smoothly run on 1Gb RAM, Processor 2 GHz and 3D Graphics Card with 256 Mb of RAM, and the way in OS Windows 98/2000 / XP / Vista and Windows 7.

The way the game is very simple, does not it stay the way you've wrote have been provided where appropriate. That the road is straight, yes straight road, that the road is full of ravines, then you have to jump up and down, it is still not unusual and challenging condition. But when you've been in the dark-light mode, you must be amazed and just get a feel of the game Of Light & Shadow.

When you play the character of Mr. Shadow (which is dark) then your character should be safe from light / sunlight or any light, so he should be in the dark zone continues. If he gets exposed, then he could die. So you have to try my best and maintain your body as much as possible in order to stay safe. Vice versa, when you play the character of Mr. Light, you do not expose the dark zone, if taxable dark you could die.

The longer, the more difficult obstacles and many other obstacles in front, so let's quickly play this game on your computer, do not miss it.

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Hurrican - Similar Contra Game Action

Download Hurrican Free. Hurrican is a game that sharpen the ability to jump and shoot, background in the area of Turkey. Traveled all the way to through 9 level packs, with a variety of enemy models. If you try to compare Hurrican or play games, then this game is almost the same as the classic this game Contra.

You can play single player or 2 players simultaneously. In this Hurrican action game has 4 levels of difficulty are scattered in 9 package level. There are more than 25 different tracks with varying musical theme; you will feel the atmosphere of a cool atmosphere at each level.

Because a lot of enemies, you're not going to fight them with bare hands, has supplied 8 powerful weapons and will never run out of ammunition, including the firing of fire, smoke, flame, explosion and others.

In any kind of this game is not fun if it is not equipped with the boss, take it easy, Rock Hard Boss battle is waiting at the end. And then you can save the game jamming this at each level, so you do not have to repeat at another time if you want to continue, just resume the level

Still confused at the description above, in the main menu is provided tutorial mode that you can use, so do not worry and there is no reason not to play this game Hurrican.

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Peter Morphose – Jump and Run Games

Download Peter Morphose. Peter Morphose is a simple game that our job is actually for jumping and running. As players, we will play the character as Peter in plain up and down, vertically or horizontally, where you have to save yourself from the lava that exploded. But the enemies, trying to stop you. I myself was confused, where the enemy is not afraid of the lava, he he, are you better run away together, hehehe.

So here goes, I will explain in more detail, continue the one running to the right or left, which must either right or left, the bottom line is you will continue to lead to the top. For what? As I described above, the lava continues to flow and rising. Do not you stop, if you can stop dead on the spot?

But rather, for saving yourself, there are plenty of stars that you can take and get, okay, there are also important items is the key used to open the door, should not be taken, since these are very urgent, if not you take how you will rise to the top.

Hope you lucky and do not die quickly, let's play this game, only 2 Mb. Immediately and safely accomplish the highest point with the actual survivors.

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Broken Dimension - Stressful Brutal Game

Download Broken Dimension. Game Broken Dimension brings us to play the character of a small child in a place full of chicken, chicken? Yes, a lot of cock there. But the spot is very dangerous to use. No mercy shown in this game, bloody and brutal traps.

Try to find a way out without the pitfalls or traps harmful. Continue to look for the exit. Use the "space" to jump and "right mouse button" to change the gravity. Maybe this is a game that will take you on a nightmare.

At the beginning of your journey, try to walk straight so you meet a ghost white woman who asked you to talk. Then all of a sudden you have the ability to fly using a laser beam from your hand. Try-try your new skill this advance.

Be careful, there is no limit dimension in this game, all the fields you can use as a foothold, you pray and try to survive and escape from the trap or traps.

Avoid falling boxes suddenly (maybe this is often the case), knives, spears and others. Take a bonus in the form of candies that issued the stars. Collect as much as possible and most importantly, always listen to the tutorial of the white ghost that you get out of this scary castle.

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Blendimals Fun Adventure Game

Download Blendimals. Blendimals a game with enough game play faucet. At the beginning of each level you will find a dangerous course that will never be resolved as a player who plays the character of animals. Luckily the game maker has Blendimals mixer that can help you with how to get "blendimal". Is it? Find out the answer after you download this game and play it.

Game Blendimals present a game that has the most brilliant idea, animated graphics and it’s very nice and sometimes brings a sensation of humor in it.

Nope you actually know the origin of the name Blendimals? It is a bit strange, but the name has a meaning. Blendimals can be translated as Animal Blend, so when playing you will combine two animals, after it created a new animal that is quite unique.

Well with combined revenue last animal you'll play exciting and fun adventure, so inevitably there will be obstacles in this game. There are many fields that you will go through, such as forests, cloud, outer space, wilderness, many trees. Be creative and very fun person who created this game. Let's create a new animal you own artificial

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The Adventure of Hasslevania

Download Hasslevania. Hasslevania game is actually a game reminiscent of the classic adventure game antiquity illustrated by the figure of the warrior sword. Game Hasslevania present in 2D format background, red and white bricks. In this game, the hero character played by a small boy dressed in brown and blue hair.

Travel along the candle description is not a description that is not its function, try your sword to the wax, then the wax is transformed into a coin and if you take you will earn money. For the adventurous, you will find a lot of candles; alias you find many bonus coins.

It is not fun, games without an enemy, the game's enemies Hasslevania already prepared for you, sometimes in the form of robots, soldiers, ghosts and the like, yeahh for early play, the way to defeat it is very simple, just kill them with a sword swing repeatedly until they fall and again you can get the coin money.

Sometimes offensive arrows will come, do not worry, Dodge or use the shield for defensive positions. For the enemies like a ghost, I recommend that you shoot from a distance, and are not recommend using the sword.

Look for the exit as soon as possible, do not bother too many enemies, safe adventure and find a way out as soon as possible.

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