Gate 88

Download Gate 88. Gate 88 seems quite reminiscent of the game Asteroids. And fittingly, with its colorful vector-style graphics and space theme the game does successfully capture the feel of the classic shooter.

But once you get past the introductory tutorial, you'll realize that Gate 88 is much more than a simple space shooter, because it's also a really fun and unique real-time strategy game!

The action is fairly straightforward, but also very exciting and explosive. The real challenge is to build and maintain your fleet while you fight for territory, because you have to stay on top of it all if you're going to win!

Gate 88 also features a great soundtrack and great battle animations to accompany your missions, and with the online multiplayer feature, there's a ton of replayability in this completely free game.

Download Gate 88

Gate 88 Game Review and Descrition from DFG

  • Unique space real time strategy (RTS)
  • Ship under your direct control lets you experience the battles.
  • Combination of Asteroid and RTS game.
  • No level variety.
  • No campaign mode.

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Prism: Guard Shield

Download Prism: Guard Shield. Prism: Guard Shield  is a freeware first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by the US Army National Guard and Rival Interactive, based on a blend of stealth operations and fast action game play, which focuses on the unconventional application of new and emerging weapons and surveillance technologies in the war against terrorism.

PRISM takes place in the near future with the player becoming the newest member of a highly secretive homeland defense unit known as PRISM. The game focuses on familiar locations in the US such as Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, CA. When terrorist activities are suspected or potential targets are identified, players are called into action.

PRISM: Guard Shield was developed simultaneously with a game for the commercial market called PRISM: Threat Level Red. According to its developers "Players will be immersed in a unique gaming experience that draws players into a world that blurs the lines between commercial entertainment and America’s secret struggle against terrorism using tomorrow’s technology and weapons"

Prism: Guard Shield Download

Prism: Guard Shield Game Review and Descrition from DFG

  • Lots of unique weapons to use.
  • Both campaign and multiplayer modes.
  • Computer opponents put up a good fight.
  • Great graphics and audio qualities.
  • Online play requires a GameSpy account.
  • Levels tend to be too dark.
  • Movements are slow, and speed burst only lasts a short time.

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Stranded 2

Download Stranded 2. Stranded is a 3D adventure game, developed by Unreal Software. The main goal of the robinson-esque game is to survive on a dangerous island and to find a way to return home. Its design and gameplay are influenced by the relatively unknown German freeware game Schiffbruch.

download stranded 2

Stranded 2 Game Review and Descrition from DFG
Seamless 3D world that is uncommon among point and click adventure games.
Realistic tasks that mimic actual survival methods included gathering food, constructing shelter, and averting death.
Multiple modes of play increases overall value.
Full tutorial mode as well as helpful hints during adventure mode.

Keyboard based controls may be initially confusing to players not accustomed to hot keys.
Graphics themselves are not particularly vibrant.
Some wildlife opponents confusing, namely rogue lions out of their natural habitat.

In Stranded 2 you suddenly find yourself alone and lost on a desert island without any supplies. The challenge is to survive another day by finding food, shelter, and even a few weapons. But this game goes beyond mere survival, as you'll be learning how to tame wild animals and go on quests to find hidden treasures!

With cool graphics, a richly detailed game play environment, and a big island to explore, you're sure to find yourself lost in fun for many hours with this excellent freeware adventure game.

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Zelda Classic

Download Zelda Classic. Zelda Classic is a free framework for designing and playing games in the style of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda for the NES.

download zelda classic

Zelda Classic Review and Game Description from DFG

Includes all of the challenging gameplay of the original Legend of Zelda
Features an open and explorable world filled with many secrets
Completely free to play
Infinite modding capabilities

The story is not very compelling
It can be easy to get lost in the world

Return to Hyrule. Return to Where it All Began.

Not everyone has played The Legend of Zelda or its many sequels and spin-offs, but everybody has most definitely heard about it. The kingdom of Hyrule, Link the Hero of Time, the Master Sword, the Triforce, the evil Ganondorf, and Princess Zelda herself are all classic icons in the industry and they all began with the humbly-titled Legend of Zelda.

With Zelda Classic, you can now experience the mythical game that started it all over again or for the first time ever. You will take control of Link’s earliest incarnation, explore Hyrule, fight fearsome monsters, collect all manner of useful tools that will open up new doors for you, and face the porcine villain himself, just as millions of gamers have done since 1986.

However, Zelda Classic does not just remake the old game; it expands upon it in many unimaginable ways. Whether you’re a longtime Zelda fan or are just getting your feet wet, Zelda Classic is not something you should ignore.
A Kingdom in Trouble

A shadow has fallen over the land of Hyrule. The forces of Ganon, Prince of Darkness, have invaded. Thanks to the Triforce of Power, Ganon is infused with enough strength to make him invincible. Fearing that he will come for the Triforce of Wisdom next, Princess Zelda shatters the relic and scatters its pieces into the darkest corners of the kingdom.

With the Triforce safely out of evil hands, a young hero named Link sets out to reassemble it and use its power to challenge Ganon and save all of Hyrule.
Take Part in a Magical Adventure

The Legend of Zelda was one of the earliest examples of a nonlinear game in the industry. Rather than proceed through a series of levels in a specific order, you were given the ability to free roam from the very beginning. Zelda Classic follows this rule to a tee, planting you in the very same world, with the very same enemies, and with that very same timeless spirit of adventure.

Explore the expansive and nonlinear world of Hyrule at your own pace. Look for hidden passages and secret rooms abounding with treasure.
Collect rupees from fallen enemies and use them to purchase new items that will help you on your quest.
Slay the forces of Ganon using a variety of weapons. Swing a magic sword, fire a bow, plant explosive bombs, throw a boomerang, and more.
Collect special Heart Containers to extend your life and take more hits.
Gather an assortment of tools to make exploring the world easier. Use a candle to light up dark areas, a raft to float down rivers, a ladder to reach higher places, and more!

Learning the Controls

The controls of Zelda Classic operate under the template of the original game. The new keyboard controls are meant to emulate the functions of the NES controller, so you don’t need to memorize too many keys. The key mappings can be changed at any time, but the default controls appear as the following:

Use the arrow keys to move around the map.
The Enter key serves the function of the NES’ Start button. Press it to pause the game and access the menu where you can change the items you currently have equipped.
The left Alt key substitutes the A button. This activates the item you have equipped in your A slot. Since this is typically where your sword will go, you’ll use this as your attack button.
The left Ctrl key represents the B button. When pressed, it activates the button that is currently in your B slot.
The spacebar plays the role of the select button. Once you acquire the map for a corresponding dungeon, you may press the key to give it a quick look and get your bearings.
In addition, you may click your mouse anywhere on the screen. This will pause it and summon a contemporary-looking menu where you may opt to quit, reset the game, take screenshots, adjust the volume, or alter the controls to something that works better for you.

More than Just a Remake

If you think you’re just going to get a picture-perfect remake of The Legend of Zelda with Classic Zelda, you have another thing coming! Zelda Classic includes a powerful program called ZQuest that allows players, including you, to create their own custom content from scratch!

Craft entire 8-bit dungeons and worlds.
Program your own quests and write your own epic story.
Change and modify the base game, or create a whole new game yourself.
Download thousands of user-made mods and expansions from Armageddon Games’ Quest Database for free.

Perfection Perfected

Zelda Classic is proof that you can teach new tricks to an old dog. It remakes the original Legend of Zelda game down to the minutest details, from the graphics to the sounds to the gameplay. Then it adds more to it in the form of new quests and modding tools that allow players to create their own content for the game, increasing the replay value tenfold!

Hence, Zelda Classic offers a lot of bang for your buck, and it’s completely free! There’s a lot that both old and new Zelda fans are sure to appreciate, and it could very well be the last game you’ll ever need.

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Frets on Fire

Download Frets on Fire. Frets on Fire  is a free, open-source Finnish music video game created by Unreal Voodoo. Players use the keyboard to play along with markers which appear on screen, with the aim to score points, achieve a high point multiplier, and complete a song. Frets on Fire was the winner of the Assembly 2006 game development competition

download Frets on Fire

Frets on Fire Review and Game Description from DFG
Boasts very solid and challenging rhythm-based gameplay
You can easily make your own note charts for any song you like
Includes a healthy number of options to support a variety of skill levels and play styles
Download and add hundreds of songs and player-made note charts absolutely free

The online community is well past its prime
Plagued by technical issues like long load times and crashes
Doesn’t include a lot of songs with the initial download

Ready to make your rock star dreams come true?

But you say you don't even have a band or even any musical talent? On top of that, all you have is a computer and a keyboard? Well then, fret not! Because Frets on Fire just might be the perfect freeware game for you.

In the vein of Guitar Hero, Frets on Fire will challenge your musical skill and help you develop some fast fingers as you rock along to some kickin' tunes. Played entirely with a keyboard, you'll be on fire in no time, with the ability to add more songs down the road from the entire Guitar Hero catalog, or from the growing list of songs (hundreds) made especially for Frets on Fire.

Download this cool freeware game today and unleash the fret master in you!
Official Features:

Unique inverted keyboard gameplay style
Support for guitar controllers and generic joysticks
Includes a song editor for making your own tunes
Compete with others on the World Charts
Hundreds of songs composed by the community
Supports importing Guitar Hero I and Guitar Hero II songs
Multiplatform; runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD
Open source, full Python source code available

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DX Ball

DX Ball Free Full PC Games Download. DX Ball is a freeware computer game for the PC first released in 1996 by Michael P. Welch. The game, an updated version of an earlier series of Amiga games known as Megaball, is patterned after classic ball-and-paddle arcade games such as Breakout and Arkanoid. It became a massive cult classic in the Windows freeware gaming community during the late 1990s. A level editor was made available as well.

dx ball free full pc games download

DX Ball Review and Description

Simple, addictive, fun and easy to learn.
Tons of cool power-ups to get and power-downs to avoid.
It’s completely free.

It’s not the most original game out there.
Luck oftentimes plays a huge factor in your success.
It can get difficult to hit specific blocks when you need to.


You have seen this game style before. DX Ball continues where Pong, Arkanoid and other games before it left off. A ball is bouncing around and breaking bricks. You bounce it back up to break more and if you let the ball pass your paddle, then you lose a life. Advance to the next level by breaking all the bricks.

Of course it seems too simple to be addicting. But that is the beauty of DX Ball. The simplicity means you don't have to spend hours climbing a learning curve before it is fun. You can download the game and have fun playing immediately... for FREE.
Lots of Power Ups to Grab

Why spend the rest of the afternoon learning a new game when you can get started with DX Ball right away. Enjoy power ups and other creative spins to this classic genre.

Some of the cool options in DX Ball are: Lasers, Grab Paddle, Fireball, Explosion, Extra Life, Grow Bricks, Next Level, Slow Ball, Through Ball and a few others you can find out by playing and downloading this game! Are you still reading? Download DX Ball and start having fun right away!

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Chicken Invaders

Chicken Invaders Free Full PC Games Download. Chicken Invaders is a series of shoot 'em up video games, developed by InterAction Studios and released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems. Currently, there are four (Soon to be five) video games in the series, along with four special editions.

Chicken Invaders Free Full PC Games Download

Chicken Invaders Review and Description

Simple gameplay and controls makes this a good game choice for anyone
Play with a friend as you team up to save the world
Upload your high scores to compete with others online
Free to download and play

Repetitive nature of the game limits replay value
Sounds effects get annoying after a while
No options to change controls, difficulty, etc.


"Situation critical. You are our best pilot. Launch immediately on an intercept course to the closest attack wave. Destroy all alien chicken life forms you encouter flapping wildly in space. Incinerate them. I want to see nothing left but DRUMSTICKS! Oh, and soldier, don't eat the eggs...whatever you do, DON'T EAT THE EGGS!"

Chicken Invaders Game Tips

    Like I said, don't eat the eggs
    Presents = good, asteroids = bad, drumsticks = good, eggs = bad
    Missiles work real well on the enemy bosses
    Shoot...a, all the time...

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